Ski Leases

Don't be caught out in the cold this winter!
Due to an unprecedented demand for long term leases many of our homeowners are offering their homes as extended leases from mid-September through mid-May. Please see the description on each property for more information.
The options will be:
"standard" ski leases which run Dec. 1 - April 30 or Jan 7 - May 7
"extended" leases run as early as mid-September to May 15th.
With both the extended lease or the standard ski lease there will be no refunds if any of the mountains do not open, close early or if there are pandemic restrictions.
Our Ski Leases are designed so you have exclusive use of the property for 4 or 5 months during Lake Tahoe's prime ski season. You can leave your ski equipment,etc at the property. There's no need to load, unload, pack and repack your ski gear, which leaves more time to ski or board!
Tenants are responsible for rent, deposit, and utilities for the period of the lease. All ski leases must be cleaned monthly by our cleaners.
Feel free to give us a call 530-537-4996 or email us with questions at [email protected]