Lake Tahoe COVID19 Updates

May 27, 2020
   We are still closely monitoring the COVID19 situation in Lake Tahoe. 
   We will update this page as new information becomes available. 
   As of now Stay in Lake Tahoe Rentals will not be accepting arrivals
   prior to June 15, 2020.    
   We have taken this step to protect our guests, staff and our Lake Tahoe community.
   We encourage you to visit our website and make plans to stay with us once
                                                                        we are able to safely welcome  you.

Please know that we have increased our diligence in offering sparkling clean and disinfected homes for your stay. 
Below are the enhanced cleaning procedures that have been added to our already extensive "standard" cleans.
Our goal is, after all you've been through, that you and your family will arrive to a clean and safe environment where you
can relax and completely enjoy the beauty of Lake Tahoe.  We are ALL looking forward to that day.

Our Cleaning Commitment ~ Our “New Normal” in Cleaning Standards
Stay in Lake Tahoe Rentals understands your concerns about COVID-19 and while we have always held extremely high cleaning standards, we are now taking additional precautions. Our guests’ comfort and safety are our top priority. While we have been (impatiently) waiting for the “green light” to accept guests, each of our properties have had Deep Spring Cleans, Window Cleans, Carpet Cleans, and have been disinfected per the Center of Disease Control standards.

Our Disinfecting & Cleaning Procedures:

Cleaning of visibly dirty surfaces followed by disinfection is a best practice measure for prevention of COVID-19 and other viral respiratory illnesses in households and community settings.  Following CDC guidelines we will:

*Upon arriving at the property Housekeepers will remove shoes and put on masks.
* Upon entering the property Housekeepers will wash hands and put on gloves and open all windows, which will remain open during the cleaning process. 
* Launder all linen on hot cycle temperatures.
* Cleaned and disinfect all bathroom surfaces. Fresh towels are placed in the bathrooms.
* Clean and kitchen counters, appliances, sink, and faucets.  
Remove ice cube tray/containers, clean, dry and disinfect.      
 Disinfect ontrols and cords for plug-in appliances and electronics (coffee maker, toaster, television, hair dryer)
* Leave Fresh kitchen towels and new sponge in kitchen.
* Solid surface items in the living room, bedroom room, hallways, and family rooms, including TV and all remotes, are wiped down with disinfectant.
* Disinfect s
tair railings and outdoor porch railings
* Sweep, clean and disinfect all floors (hard surface).
* Vacuum alll carpets and spray with disinfectant.    Clean and disinfect vacuum after each use.
* As the clean in each room is completed the entire room is sprayed with a disinfectant that does not have to be wiped off.
* At the end of the cleaning process, the front door handle, keys and lockbox are cleaned with disinfectant.

Just a heads up - You will notice that the spices in cupboards and items in the fridge are gone.  While there will be wrapped bar soap in each bathroom, there will not be shampoo or conditioner, there will not be pump soap. There will most likely not be extra throw pillows or throw blankets in the homes This has been done to prevent multiple use products per the CDC.  

Check-in Procedures:

Check-In Staff will arrive at each home with an ultraviolet sanitizing UVC disinfection wand to help destroy any existing bacteria or viruses on soft surfaces prior to your arrival. Additionally, staff will also perform secondary wipe down of all high touch surfaces and a disinfecting spray on hard surfaces. This is the same product used in hospitals and vetinary clinics.
Check-In Staff wil:
    *   Remove shoes before entering any vacation rental
    *    Wash their hands immediately upon arrival to the rental home
    *    Wear masks and gloves
    *.   Turn exterior and interior light(s) on 
        Complete regular check-in duties
No staff will come to work if they are feeling flu-like symptoms.

Take Extra Precautions
We want everyone to enjoy their vacation but also to take extra precautions. Below are a few suggestions to consider.
* Travel by car and avoid crowded high traffic rest stops and restaurants when you are on the road.
* Wash hands frequently when traveling.

* Take advantage of having a full kitchen in your vacation rental. Prepare meals for your family in the property instead of going out to crowded restaurants.
* Or - Consider ordering take-out meals and enjoying them at your Vacation Rental.
* Have a family beach picnic or dinner on your patio or balcony.
*Remember the 6-foot rule. You can still walk on the beach, hike our trails or take a bike ride but remember the social distancing rule of staying 6 feet away      from others, not in your family.
* Please wear a mask out in public. It’s a simple thing to do that will help to protect everyone.

 We want you to know we are doing our best to stay informed and on top of the best practices to keep you and our staff safe under these very unusual and concerning circumstances. We will update all information as we receive it.

The safety of our visitors and local community are of the utmost importance to North Lake Tahoe. At this time, we ask that all visitors keep loving us from a distance and visit us when travel is safe and viable. When normal returns, North Lake Tahoe will be here to welcome you back with open arms.