north lake tahoe ski lease

North Lake Tahoe Ski Lease Information
  • On any rental 60 days or longer: Full-time, Year round employment and current landlord verification and a US credit check are required on any applicant 18 years of age or older. There is a fee for this. 
  • We do not accept credit card payments for rentals 28 days or longer.  
  • Ski lease typically start in December (for 5 months +) or January (for 4 months +).
  • The security deposit (equal to 1-2 months rent depending on property).
  • Upfront payment includes the deposit, first month rent, last 2 months rent and some utilities (telephone, cable, internet, snow plow service, trash, water, sewer – paid for the full term of lease) are due 45 days prior to move-in date.
  • Gas and electricity to be transferred to Tenant. Confirmation of transfers (account numbers) to be provided to Agent prior to star of lease.
  • If the property has a private hot tub, a contract must be completed and signed with the current hot tub company.
  • Keys to property will not be given until gas and/or electricity are in your name, Hot Tub contract is provided, all funds are paid and lease is signed by Tenant.
  • It is a violation of Lease to have guests and/or guest fees charged for people not on lease.
  • Smoking is not allowed in or around property.
  • Pets are not allowed in any property. A dog MAY be allowed with written permission of Owner and a completed Dog Contract.
  • ONE check will be accepted for payments. Multiple checks will not be accepted.
  • Carpets will be cleaned by a licensed/professional carpet cleaning company at end of lease and cost is the responsibility of Tenant
  • Professional cleaning of property by a licensed cleaning company is required at end of lease and cost is the responsibility of Tenant.
  • Deposit will be refunded to ONE person within 21 days of lease end date.
  • We highly recommend purchasing Accidental Damage insurance to help protect your deposit. 

This is an overview of ski lease policies – each property is different and has different fees and requirements and will be addressed on an individual basis.